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Could I ask about online reservation?
25 de dic de 2014, 20:16

I want to go to Machupicchu at 19th january.

But I could not find any tickets on the day in the website.

All The tickets sold out?


machupicchu is closed?

Please answer me about it. Thank you

Re: Could I ask about online reservation?
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26 de dic de 2014, 08:37


Thank you for your email and your interest in our services. Machu Picchu is never closed. Tickets for 2015 are not available yet for anyone, that is why they don't appear on the availability calendar. However, you can purchase them directly through our website and we will sent them as soon as the new season opens, by the end of December. It is usually then the government opens purchases for the next year. Or you can subscribe to receive the availability when purchases for 2015 are open: .

Best regards,

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