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May 14th start for Inca, Salkantay or Lares
Andy T.
14 feb. 2008, 22:42


The inca trail is full, but we would like to plan our honey moon in Machu Picchu. Could you give help me book a trekking trip to Lares or Saltantay?

Here are our specs:

* 5/14/08 start, 5/13 also OK, then 5/15, 5/16, 5/17, 5/18¡­etc.

* Lares best or Salkantay trail second

* Ideally 3 day 2 nights, but 2 day 1 night also OK, 4 day 3 nights manageable :-)

* I assume you will provide all the camping gear

* It is our honey moon, so if there is an option to stay a night at the Santuary, that¡¯d be GREAT.

Thanks in advance for pricing and availability.

Also, a few questions:

* We will finish up a cruise at Galapagos on 5/11, so can you help us book a flight from Quito to Cuzco on 5/12 or 5/13, etc.

* Is there a nice Orient Express train we can take from Cuzco to Lares (Wife wants to make it ¡°romantic¡± :-) )

Thanks in advance!


Re: May 14th start for Inca, Salkantay or Lares
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14 feb. 2008, 23:09

Dear Andy,

I'm terribly sorry to hear that you can't make the Inca Trail trek because it's full. It's really a problem for a lot of people because it's necessary to book several months in advance.

I can't offer you the Lares Trek because we are planning to offer this great trek within several months, not in May. But I can suggest you the Salcantay Trek (remember, it's a 5-day trek) or the classic full-day or 2-day Machu Picchu Tour; but this tour in not of course a Trek, just a tour with no camping.

We have dedicated websites for these 2 services. For the Salcantay Trek, it's: and for the Machu Picchu Tour it's . I invite you to visit each one to have more details and prices. As you will see, we have departures every day.

And yes, we provide all the equipment needed (tent, food, W.C, water, chairs, tables, emergency equipment, ...).

The Sanctuary Lodge would be a great idea but, in fact, the only reason why it is not on "our list" is because it's too expensive for most people. Expect around US$ 1100 for a classic and very common double-room, without view, and with the need to book a long time in advance.

Unfortunately, we can't book domestic flights in Peru. Our Agency is specialzed in Cusco Tours and Treks. Any way, there is no flight between Quito and Cusco.

I understand your future wife wants to make it romantic but the nice Orient Express Train (called the Hiram Bingham Train) has the same problem as the hotel: the price. Expect around US$ 800 per person, just just a round-trip ticket, including the Machu Picchu Tour. But again, we don't offer this service that is too expensive for the most of people and, also, needs to be booked a lot of months in advance.

I hope that I answered your questions and hope that we will have the pleasure to help you with your honeymoon that, we are already sure, will be great.

Best regards,

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